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Award Achievements


Best International School in Shimoga 


 Once a Century Media  PVT.LMT(R) 

High Qualified and Friendly Teachers


High Graduates Teachers Trained in

 Delhi, Kerala and Chennai by

 International Trainers.

Friendly Teachers , Take up Quarries Positively and behave happily with Students and also School has awarded For This Field. 


International Co-curricular Activities and Sports


                    For The First Time IN SHIMOGA                      

  International Co-Curricular Activities

 By High Qualified Trainers 

Our Students Achievements


  •  Sihi Gowda - National Level Dancer
  • Viral - National and State Level Karate Player and Gold Medalist
  • Vedhika - National Level Skater and Silver Medalist
  • Ragashri - National and State Level Dancer and Gold Medalist 
  • Still On...

These Students Are Trained By Our Trainers